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Hotel "La Gondola" is located right on the beautiful Maronti beach on the island's south side, close to the Cavascura natural pools and far off from any disturbing noise.

The hotel offers comfortable rooms with a view of the sea and the beautiful St. Angelo bay.

Large terraces invite you to enjoy the nice, hot sun of the Mediterranean Sea, along with hot sand, the sea, sanatoriums, and sun therapy.

The hotel also provides a private beach, a thermal spa including natural sauna, a restaurant, an American bar and spacious lounges.

This is the ideal place for anyone seeking a calm and comfortable place for a holiday.

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The Island of Ischia

Is the ideal place for those stressed out by the rhythms of the city chooses to abandon peace for some time, the sun, the warmth of a 'beautiful island and well-being of your body.
spiaggia dei maronti

Maronti beach

Hotel "La Gondola" is located on Maronti beach, washed by the gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Maronti is part of the Barano district.


Hotel la Gondola also has delicious panoramic apartments in Barano. Ideal for those who want to spend a quiet and family vacation.
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Hotel "La Gondola" is located right at the centre of Maronti beach. Given the exclusive location, it is not possible to reach the hotel by car directly.
However, you can get to the hotel trouble-free by using the short, convenient boardwalk along the beach. As an alternative, you are guaranteed to reach the hotel by using a customary local boat service linking Maronti beach with the beautiful village of Sant'Angelo. The antique Cavascura thermal spas where you can enjoy mud baths, massages and asthetic medical applications are not far from the hotel. The "fumaroles", meaning the famous beach where you can bathe in hot sand, and "Olmitello", a natural spring water with a healing effect on the digestive system, can be found close by the hotel.

Hotel La Gondola Spiaggia dei Maronti
80070 - Barano d'Ischia (NA)
Italy +39 081.990076 / 081.990156
Fax: +39 081.906363
Winter delivery +39 081.990065

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