They are close to the Hotel La Gondola sulphurous springs practically effective for the treatment of rheumatic disorders and epidermal, as the warm waters of 'Olmitello, as well as those of Nitrodi of fumaroles and Cavascura.

The mineral and thermal treatments have a leading role since ancient times.

The true essence is given by the volcanic activity that created the island and numerous mineral springs, fumaroles, with its sudden, turned into puddles and realy hot muds and baths will make the body more than a thousand massage or other therapies.

Used since ancient times to give back to the body and mind energy and health. And 'found that give particular relief and welfare in particular to those who suffer from arthritic diseases of the respiratory tract and more widely, also recommended for treating gynecological diseases or rheumatic type.

The hot water Cavascura, very close to the hotel, are invaluable because, as a scientifically tested, cure rheumatism, sciatica, nephritis, digestive organs, bones, fractures, uterine and skin diseases. These springs were already known since the Greek and Roman colonization, which date back to the tanks dug into the tuff.

Here the sludge is put to age in pools of water that arise spontaneously from the ground and applied to the skin to the skin restoring its elasticity and all its splendor.

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